Friday, February 12, 2010

Youth against the banks party

Voltron says: again, how come I never get invited to these parties?

A "youth against the banks" Facebook party at a Mayfair mansion in London was broken up by officers in riot gear last night after revellers pelted police with bricks and bottles. The teenage organisers of the party conceded that the event "got out of hand" when thousands more people than expected attended the five-storey squat in Park Lane.
The [organizers] started a Facebook group last Sunday urging people to "come and live the high life in a mansion on Park Lane". The party was billed as a "youth against the banks" event as the organisers believed the home was partly owned by HSBC. The bank has yet to confirm this.

"We wanted to shake things up because the banks are kind of running the worldwhich isn't fair," said Fox, a sixth-former from north London.

"We didn't break in, we got in through an open window. It's not illegal, that's just how squatting works," he said.

Members of the Facebook group, which has since been deleted, grew rapidly. "The idea was to invite a large number of friends not the whole of London youth . . . we personally only invited about 200 each. We then watched the group grow, it didn't seem real."
...The police estimated that "in excess of 2,000 people" attended the party.

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