Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rumour of Second Bail Out Rumour

Cleese_ministryofsillywalksI love these comments, coming from a pair of clever traders in the UK:

Rumour of second bail out rumour coming in Ambac.

Word is that CNBC have heard from a source close to the fire escape that the Monolines are worried that there will be no new rumours about possible rescues around until the recent rescues are proved to have failed.

That means that there'll be no Friday evening prop for the stock markets.

A source close to the industry said that a consortium is "being put in place to work on new rumours but we can't be sure that these rumours will actually be ready for another five business days."

News of the rumoured rumour of salvation sent MBIA and AMBAC up .01% in pre-market trading. Hank Paulson was rumoured to be delighted with the patriotic rumours, a source close to him on his lifeboat off the coast of Hawaii said Thursday. Ben Bernake has placed pencils in his ears and is wearing his favourite underpants on his head.

-David McCreadie and Dan Davies

When it comes to dry, pithy humor, no one can beat the Brits!

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