Monday, June 7, 2010

Rapper Chamillionaire Strategically Defaults

...His 7,583 square foot mansion in Houston, Texas was a losing endeavor, and ... he simply chose to walk away . . .
Chamillionaire played down the severity of the situation, telling TMZ, “when I’m Chathousandaire, then y’all have a real story.”

Next, Lil Jon defaults . . .

Voltron: Lil Jon, you're house is underwater

Lil Jon: What?!?!

Voltron: You owe more than it's worth

Lil Jon: What?!?!

Voltron: Do you want to stop losing money?

Lil Jon: YEAH!!!

Voltron: You should let the bank foreclose

Lil Jon: OKAY!!!!

with sound effects:

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