Monday, September 21, 2009

Bank of America versus America

BofA to face SEC trial, Loses Gov't Guarantees


Anonymous said...

Love the move to release every BofA email for the year to congress. Congress could however turn over the emails to NSA or some other gov org who could organize it quickly and probably bring up some new law suits. This is probably a little overkill for an email search but looks powerful for other inquiries

Saw this the other day, talks about congress demanding documents from companies that were not the recipients of govt bailouts. In the insurance company's instance I think a simple "FU" would be an appropriate response.


Gerard said...

Ha ha, ok Bank of America, we haven't found any incriminating emails about Merrill yet, but we did find 1,546 equal opportunity violations, 5,764 instances of sexual harassment, money laundering, fraud . . .