Sunday, April 13, 2008


From Mr. Mortgage:

this is a killer. Below are write-down covering all categories including subprime. We know full well these are a SMALL FRACTION of what lies ahead. Wells Fargo is not even on the list despite owning $84 BILLION in Home Equity lines/loans that are presently worth pennies on the dollar. Look at Lehman! Haha. Look at Chase...they have more Home Equity Lines/Loans than Wells Fargo. So does Bank of America. Funny, the CNBC crowd was pushing that it was the 'kitchen sink quarter' just like they tried to do in Q3. -Best, Mr Mortgage

UBS (UBS): $37.4 billion
Citigroup (C): $21.2 billion (expected further loss of $18 billion in Q1, 2008)
Merrill Lynch (MER): $19.4 billion
Morgan Stanley (MS): $12.9 billion
Deutsche Bank (DB): $7.1 billion
Bank of America (BAC): $5.7 billion
Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS): $5.6 billion
Credit Suisse (CS):
$4.7 billion
Goldman Sachs (GS): $3.7 billion
Lehman Brothers (LEH): $3.3 billion
Barclays PLC: $3.3 billion
JP Morgan (JPM): $2.9 billion
Bear Stearns (BSC): $2.75 billion
HSBC Holdings: $2.1 billion

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